Music can do

please stand back from the doors please

stand back from the doors please turn

please turn please turn back from the

doors the dictionary defines music as

the art of arranging sounds in time so

as to produce a continuous unified and

evocative composition but to me music is

so much more

musics an escape from the monotony of

everyday life

it’s where I go for inspiration energy

refuge music is has no boundaries it has

you don’t need to learn a language to to

bond with each other music speaks to

everyone I don’t know how to do how to

how to live without music music means

80% modes at and the 20% of others to me

when I was small I thinking my mom’s

talking is already a piece of music

because of her different pace of

speaking is already a music piece for me

music for me is Freddie Mercury singing

at Wembley music is my inspiration the

language of your heart makes you feel


it’s so like food for the soul music is

worship music actually adds color to

life music so far music is very happy

music makes me feel free

music is such a part of me and part of

my being my mom told me that I sang

before I spoke so I don’t know any part

of my life without music and I started

play piano and other instruments such a

young age that I I define myself as a

music but after I became a mom I

realized the music is such a pleasurable

joy that it creates the your world that

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it’s such a gift you need to share this

so when I met Jackie Bollinger and I met

these boys I didn’t know where to start

but I knew that I had to give this music

to them

my name is Len my name is Marcus my name

is Toni I’m son Michelle has inspired me

a lot she’s she’s like our mother when

you teach music you have to really share

your heart you have to share a part of

your being you have to care you have to

love and nurture them in every way so we

became like a family it’s one of the boy

names son that I was teaching from st.

Stephen’s he didn’t show any physical

advantage to be a pianist

nothing will be special in the beginning

but after a month he became like this

sponge that he was absorbing everything

that I was doing and he showed the

amazing sense of almost like being a

classical musician as if he know music

all of his life

I think I love the beauty just like

something you can see with your eyes but

you I can view it when I’m learning a

piece I really want to play the

composers meaning and the feelings when

I play for people when they when they

hurt I play I can comfort their heart I

don’t know I just maybe can’t heal their


your son I witness something amazing our

music and transforms almost life we

believe in the power of music and we

want to give this gifted music to others

so that they could achieve their dreams

and goals for their life music is my

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life it’s all of me I want to share with


sowhat’s music to you



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