Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Talks ‘Happy Endings’

– Some people don’t actually
know that all of the Japanese,

up and down the West Coast
of the United States,

got removed from their
homes by federal order

and stuck in internment camps
for the duration of the war.

That was my whole family.

My dad was actually only, like,
four years old at the time.

It’s kind of our job – I feel like,

for those of us that know those
stories and we’re part of it

or it’s our family or
our heritage or whatever,

it’s our responsibility
to tell the stories,

to share it with people and
say – And let them know it

or remember it.

I knew that, growing up, I
never saw an Asian person

on the world stage of music,
like rapping or singing,

who was like me.

I saw Japanese people from
Japan singing in Japanese

and being popular, but not in America.

So, “Happy Endings” is a song that,
like, almost, like, appropriately

for 2020, we wrote over Zoom.

I’ve never written anything over Zoom

and we wrote the song over Zoom,

and it contains a lot of that frustration

with how things have gone recently.

But, it also does it
in a way that’s, like,

I think it’s, like, to me,
I wanted to look forward to

the things that we’re
gonna get in the future.

Like, we’re gonna get to go
out and go to restaurants,

and we’re gonna get to go to concerts,

and we’re gonna get to just hug each other

and see each other and everything.

  ‘Hurricane Summer’ Author, Asha Bromfield’s

So, to just, like, force those
two things up against each other

in a song is kind of like the intention

of “Happy Endings,” I think.

I think social media gets
us into this habit where

it’s like a yelling
contest, like whose story,

whose drama is the biggest drama?

Like, whose story is the worst story?

Who deserves the most attention?

And they get into, like,
a competition for it.

And that’s sad.

Like, it’s not about that.

It can’t be about competing
for the saddest story

because you’ll never,

no one will ever get anywhere
and no one will ever win.

At the end of the day,
like, I hope that people,

that somebody watching this says,

“I didn’t know that about people

“and it makes me think twice about
how, you know, I talk to people

“on the street or how I talk
to people on the internet.”

And hopefully brings an element
of empathy to their life.


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