Doja Cat Talks ‘Planet Her’ & Top 5 Favorite Music Videos

– What inspired the title for ‘Planet Her?’ I wanted to kind of go outside of what I understood, like, what I knew as, like, pop aesthetic or rap aesthetic or whatever. You know, I wanted to quite literally travel outside of the planet and kind of try to inspire people in ways, you know, fashion-wise, when it comes to the videos, and choice of words and melodies and, you know, combinations musically. Like, I wanted it to feel different. I wanted it to feel otherworldly. So, I just named it ‘Planet Her.’ Every video for ‘Planet Her’ will be an exploration of each aspect of the planet, what it means, and maybe even outside of the planet, maybe the stars, maybe astrology on ‘Planet Her,’ and things like that. So, there’s a lot of different aspects and I’m trying to cover that with all the videos. What’s up? It’s Doja Cat, and these are my top five favorite music videos of all time.


I would say what makes a music video iconic is the willingness to go outside of the box. I think that you can’t burn a message into someone’s mind without being innovative and traveling outside of what people expect. So my first favorite music video of all time is Busta Rhymes’s “Gimme Some More.” That video is fantastic. It’s, like, ahead of its time. I feel like it’s inspired a lot of artists today. The thing about Busta Rhymes’s music videos is, like, he’s just a fun creative. He, like, loves to travel outside of people’s expectations and he likes to create a reality that feels cartoon. And I feel like that’s always really fun to look at in music videos. I feel like he makes music and also makes entertainment. You can be entertained and you can put it on in the background and be able to listen to it without being distracted. It’s, like, captivating and tolerable. Like, you can actually hang out and listen to Busta Rhymes. My second favorite video would have to be “Sad Day” by FKA Twigs. That was one of the most beautifully executed videos of all time. Just completely unique and cinematic, and, like, to a degree where it’s like, this just feels like a film. She’s just incredible. Wish that was my video. [laughs] My third favorite, out of my top five favorite music videos, is “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé and Sean Paul. That dance scene that everybody knows where she’s in the sand, and if you don’t know it, you must be shunned, that was incredible and a huge moment in pop culture. I love, love that whole video. Gorgeous! So number four is “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga. That video, I can, it’s like a movie for me. I can sit there and watch it and, like, be fully entertained. It’s a gorgeous video, really well done. I feel like Gaga is extremely inspirational. I feel like if I take anything from what she’s given is… she likes to really play with, like, textures and shapes as far as fashion goes. I mean, for instance, quite literally, the meat dress was a huge moment.

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That was a political statement or it was a huge moment in fashion, but she had a dress that was made of bubbles and she has a very wide knowledge of, like, silhouettes and what you can do with them. And it’s very inspiring, and I love how she uses that. And finally, number five is “We Need a Resolution” by Aaliyah. There’s so many from that era though that I’m obsessed with. “We Need a Resolution” was one of the most beautiful videos, extremely iconic, the color choices and the… Just all the VFX. I feel like that was the era for VFX. And yeah, I feel like everyone loves that video. It’s incredible. If I look at my own videos and compare it to the top five that I just chose, I feel like anybody could say, like, I have clear inspiration from all five of those. And I don’t want to, like, put myself in there because that raised me. And like, I, that’s beyond my knowledge as far as I know, but like, if I’m categorized in that wheel of people, that is amazing. And it’s kind of my goal. My goal is to kind of create those things that I was inspired by and twist them into my own world.

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