Change the way you experience music
Fansino is a one-of-a-kind app that connects artists to fans like never before

A single click
can start a conversation
Being number one
is now easier than ever
Meet people
who share your passion for music

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For the artists
Managing your fan base from one place

Find out who’s listening
Fansino tracks all major streaming services so you don’t have to.
Connect directly with your fans
Say “hey” to your biggest followers across the globe with a single tap.
Track your online presence
Keep tabs on who’s mentioning you on social media.

For the fans
How’d you like to chat with your favorite artists?

Gain rank just for being a fan
As you listen to your music, we’re listening too. Get rewards from the musicians you listen to and access to exclusive groups.
Check on all of your favorites in one shot
Artists that you follow on social media are now synced to one concise feed.
Find other fans just like you
Because we all know that going to concerts alone is no fun.

What makes us awesome?
We’re more than just your average app

Built-in chat
Fansino makes interacting and connecting easier than ever.
Why not have both… or all of them?
Chatting one-on-one is cool, but our group chats make it a party.

Touring is a breeze
Artists know where to go to meet their biggest fans.
Available on iOS and Android
No one gets left out.

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